Is This a Joke?

Well, it is official, the Mets now have an entire team on the DL.  I’ve decided that the field would look like this: Delgado at 1st, Ramon Martinez at 2nd, Reyes at SS, Angel Pagan at 3rd, Beltran in CF, Wagner in LF, Ollie in RF and JJ Putz catching, with John Maine on the mound.  I had to stretch it a bit with the pitchers (obviously we need more outfielders on the DL!!!) but whatev.  Ollie got RF because it’s the position where you stick the kid who’s not so good at softball/baseball.

But seriously, Carlos Beltran’s trip to the DL means only one thing for me: the Mets are going to win the World Series this year.  Think about it: the only reason this would happen is to set up an epic comeback resulting in a World Series win.  This is the kind of stuff movies are based on.
Looks like I may miss some of tonight’s game to run a few errands with my dad, what a shame!

Take That Phillies

Yes, I am aware I’ve become a horrible blogger….oh well.

So how about that game last night?  My friend was at Citi and he said that it felt like September baseball, which only gets me more excited about my trip out there on Thursday!  That’s the hard part about being a Mets fan from Rochester…I’m still from New York State and everything like that, so it’s not like I’m a misplaced Mets fan or anything, but Rochester isn’t exactly close to NYC, so I rarely don’t get to any Mets games.  This year, I’ll make it to one game at Citi, so when planning my trip, I figured that I should make it a game worth seeing (and throw in the fact I’m going with my best friend who happens to be a Phillies fan), it only made sense we would go to a Mets/Phillies game.  I’m starting to get nervous though!  We’ve been planning this trip for months now, and the entire time, we’ve been ripping on each other, and asking for apologies when our team wins…now I’m starting to worry a little that the Mets may not have the 18-0 victory I was imagining…I don’t doubt my Mets, I know we CAN win, I mean, we’re playing against Grandpa…I mean, Jamie Moyer, not exactly a difficult pitcher to beat, but without Delgado and Reyes, and playing in a stadium that has apparently become the most homer-friendly park aside from Yankee Stadium, things may not go as I planned.  I’m just hoping that I don’t have to deal with that, and I will be rubbing it in my friend’s face that my Mets just swept her Phillies come Thursday night.
Anyway, there was a game last night to talk about, and boy was it exciting!  Yes, I would prefer that Johan not give up 5 runs, but luckily our bats were awake enough to beat that.  Wright’s homer in the 2nd was really great to see (yeah, a Mets homer is always great to see, but good to know that Wright hasn’t completely lost it).  It was great to see both Wright and Beltran homer last night because these are the two guys that we expect to carry the team.  In a normal season, that job would be spread between Beltran, Wright, Reyes and Delgado, but injuries being what they are, half of that group is unavailable.  Furthermore, we can’t rely on guys like Johan and Frankie to carry this team because relying on Johan only gets us a win every five games, and last time I checked, a .200 record didn’t win any World Series.  In order to get Frankie in the game, we have to already have a lead.  Hence, the responsibility falls to Wright and Beltran.  Yes, this injury situation is ridiculous and truly unbelievable, but there is no reason that the Mets can’t beat teams like the Phillies and the Yankees.  We took two of three from Boston on a depleted roster, we should be able to play just as good this week. That’s right Mets, I’m not honoring your excuse that everybody is injured!
Hmm, baseball post on June 10th, I should probably mention the draft…  So every blogger in the world is going to be talking about Strasburg, here’s my take: of course he was going to be drafted first, and yes, he will sign for a ridiculous amount of money (and yes, it will take a while before he actually does sign, stupid Scott Boras…).  I don’t know enough about the Nats to know if they’ll pay $50 million (!) for him, so who knows what team he’ll actually sign with.  Anyway, my real interest with the draft is obviously who the Mets pick and, surprisingly, who the DBacks take.  Anyone else (or everyone else) laugh to hear the Mets sign Matz?  Talk about being born to play for the Mets…  Think he and JJ will get along well? I don’t know too much about this guy, so I’m going to pull my optimistic card and hope that he’ll turn into the next Johan or something (and if that’s the case, I hope the Mets will actually hold onto him).  I know, you’re all wondering why I would pay attention to the DBacks draft.  Well, really it’s only for one player.  They drafted AJ Pollock seventeenth, a name that is new to most baseball fans, but a name I’ve been hearing for two years, that’s right, he’s a fellow Domer like me!  The #17 pick marks the highest pick a Notre Dame baseball player has ever had (he tied, of all people, Brad Lidge, who was also drafted 17th, back in 1998).
Since I am incredibly proud of my school, and all but one alum, here’s a little ND baseball history (feel free to skip this).  Notre Dame is never seen as a baseball powerhouse, so I take pride in the few Major League players we do produce.  Were any of you aware that Carl Yastzremski went to Notre Dame for two years?  I found this out a few weeks ago, and needless to say, was shocked and very excited.  Unfortunately, he’s in that group of players that didn’t graduate, and being a hard working student, I don’t exactly favor that group.  However, I can overlook that for Yas.  Notre Dame has had 17 players go on to play professionally.  Currently, there are five players in baseball. Aaron Heilman (2001 grad) is with the Cubs (and of course, started with the Mets, I was a big fan of his throughout last year when he wasn’t pitching great, and I remain a big fan now).  Jeff Samardzija, possibly more well-known for his time with the ND football team, is also a reliever with the Cubs and although Wikipedia said he didn’t graduate, I’m fairly certain he did, seeing as my sister was in his class and would know.  Anyway, he’s a 2007 grad.  Craig Counsell is a 1992 grad and is with the Brewers.  Brad Lidge (gag) is with the Phillies and I hear he’s not doing to hot right now (more on this later)!  He is the poster child for the group of guys that never graduated.  The fifth current baseball player is Matt Macri, who has spent some time with the Twins, but right now is in their Minor League system which means he plays in Rochester!  I’ve only made it to a few games this season (and he was sitting for one of them) but it is cool to have an ND grad on the hometown team.  Notre Dame also has two Hall of Famers (Yas and Cap Anson, a player/manager who spent most of his time with the Cubs franchise back in the early 1900s).  Anyway, although Notre Dame will probably never be seen as a great baseball school, I’m still proud of the few Major League players we have produced!
While at work yesterday, I received two texts, one from my brother and one from a friend, both telling me the same thing: Brad Lidge is on the DL.  Normally (yes I’m a horrible person), news of a Phillies player going on the DL gets me a little excited.  However, I was deeply saddened to hear this.  Who’s going to blow all the saves for Philadelphia now?  It looks like the Mets will just have to beat the Phillies the old fashioned way now, in 8 innings, which we can totally do (cue recap of last night’s game).  Still, I was really looking forward to seeing my team hit a walk-off off of the guy that cost us the post season last year.  Talk about vindication.  Now, it would be wrong to call Lidge my least favorite player, that honor goes to Jimmy Rollins.  It wouldn’t even be right to place him in my top ten (probably all still Jimmy Rollins, but for good measure let’s throw Hamels, Utley and Victorino in there).  In fact, right now, Lidge is one of my favorite players on the Phillies.  I’ve taken to calling him, “BFF Brad.”  Though, I should note, this is normally in a text along with something like “…just blew another save!”  Anyway, I hope Lidge makes a full and speedy recovery, and can return to his save-blowing ways promptly.  (Come on, did even you Phillies players think that his 2008 success would carry over?).
Well, I should probably pack if I’m planning on leaving in three hours for New York.  Hopefully I will see a Mets win!  Oh, and if anyone is counting, we’re now 4-1 against the Phils this season, who can’t seem to figure out how to win at Citi 🙂

Doubled Over In Pain

Ouch.  What more can be said about this past series?  Starting pitching?  Yeah, expect for Pelf.  Offense and bullpen?  BIG thumbs down.  Of course, the one day we did get offense, we didn’t get starting pitching, go figure.  Anyway, instead of harping on how painful this series (especially today’s game) was, I choose to focus on the positive.

Stop laughing, I do have three positives to pull from this game.  First, Carlos Beltran is back, and better than I expected!  It’s not that I doubt Carlos’ ability, but he is getting over being sick for 4 or more days, and I was prepared for him to be slow to return.  I mean, give him a break, he’s lost weight, he’s been dehydrated and hasn’t eaten that much…we’ve all been this kind of sick.  You know how you’re no longer showing symptoms, but you don’t have your normal energy?  Well, if Carlos was experiencing that, he certainly hid it well.
Second, David Wright went 2-3 with 2 walks, 2 runs and an RBI.  Looks like maybe he’s starting to crawl out of this dismal slump?  I sure hope so.  I can remember last year Jerry saying that his team would be fine as long as two of the big four (Delgado, Beltran, Reyes and Wright) were hitting. Well, for the past week or so, two have been on the DL, one has been deathly ill and one is in a major slump.  Anyway, it’s nice to see Wright hitting and Beltran back.  Now if we can only get offense like this on a day when our pitching isn’t worse.
The third positive is more of a personal positive: JJ was awful again today, even after moving to the 7th inning.  I’m hoping this means he has an actual injury (I think I heard bone spur?) and it’s not as he claims, a lack of adrenaline.  Now I just want Jerry to put him on the DL so he can get better and he doesn’t have to give me an aneurism every time he takes the mound.  I really like JJ and don’t want to wish for a trade.  And isn’t this why we have two (or three) closers?
The other small positive is that even with all these injuries, we still managed to win a few games (obviously not this series, but we went 10-6 from San Francisco-Florida).  And Alex Cora is back! Yay!
Updated at 11:30
So I meant to finish this entry tonight (which I am doing) but we’re going to take a small turn and talk about what has become ridiculous.
No, it was ridiculous in Los Angeles when we had three or four guys on the DL and were starting our 4th string short stop was on the starting roster when he had only gotten to the stadium 15 minutes before first pitch.  I don’t even know what this is.
Seriously, I’m finding it hard to believe the Mets injury situation.  Part of me is waiting to see Ashton Kutcher pop out of the Mets dugout one day and yelled “PUNK’D” to everyone.  Keith was talking today about how he has never really been on a team that had this volume of injuries.  I’d like to extend a challenge to all baseball experts: Please find a team that has suffered the amount and severity of injuries that the Mets have the past few weeks.
As frustrating as it is to see my team suffer, like getting swept by the Pirates, it’s important to take a step back and see the big picture.  Yes, we have lost a lot of games that we should have won.  However, we’ve also won a lot of games that maybe we shouldn’t have won.  If I recall correctly, we did pretty well in Boston two weeks ago, we even stole a game.  I’ve also decided that it’s important for us fans to ease up on the players.  Think about it, Johan, Beltran and Wright may not be injured, but they do have the daunting task of picking up the slack left by the guys on the DL.  So if they make an error or strikeout, it’s not going to do any good to yell or ridicule them.  They are doing the best they can, I have faith in that.
Injuries can’t last forever (right????) and I know wayyyy better than to count the Mets out already.  We have strong pitching (Redding will come around, Pelf had one bad outing…), we have very good defense (four gold glove winners), we have solid offense (most teams would kill to have two guys such as Wright and Beltran to lead them) and we have heart.  Forget about the Pittsburgh series, it’s over and done with.  Time to focus on finishing the road trip strong (a sweep in Washington sounds nice) and then heading back to Citi to play the Phils (let’s remember they’ve never won there and I’ll be at one of the games!).  2009 is still our year and I refuse to let a few injuries get in the way.


Seriously, did the Mets run over a bus full of babies while I wasn’t looking?  What else could they have done to deserve injuries for 99.9% of their roster?  Latest on the injury front: Ramon Martinez has a sore back…great, just as he was showing a little promise.  Seriously though, what players HAVEN’T been injured this year?  I guarantee it’s a shorter list.  Of the 25 men on our Opening Day roster, 11 of them have dealt with injuries this year.  That isn’t even counting guys like Redding, Pagan and Martinez who didn’t start the season in Cincinnati.  Are you kidding me?  I thought last year was the year tainted by injuries…not cool!

On a more positive note, the Mets managed to take 2 out of 3 in Boston with what could be seen as a Spring Training roster…not bad.  Also, we went .500 on this road trip.  Before this road trip started, many people felt that a .500 road trip would be considered successful, so glad to see we did alright.  Also, consider that we had arguable one and a half good players (Wright, and Beltran as DH), I’m pretty impressed.  We really have to look at Johan, Pelf and Omir and the reasons for the success in Boston.  I’m definitely glad to get back to New York, and start a 6 game home stand against the Nationals and Marlins.  Hopefully we won’t turn into the team we were last year and struggle against the bad teams.  I’m thinking this could be a six game win streak, and I don’t think I’m being to ridiculous in that prediction.
I decided to blame the West Coast road trip for the reason I’m sick this weekend (missed family party, but got to watch the Mets game today).  Seven days of staying up until 2am doesn’t exactly help your immune system.  But hey, it was worth it (well, it was for three games anyway).  Definitely glad to see normal-timed games anyway (no offense, West Coasters, but you try sitting down in front of the TV at 10pm and tell me it doesn’t feel a little weird).
Anyway, sorry if this might be a little repetitive from last night’s post, but I’m going to pull the “sick” card 🙂

Omir Oh My!

I was feeling kind of sick all day, which resulted in me avoiding the kitchen where my mom was cooking and spending the afternoon in front of the TV.  The Mets came on and I felt well enough to watch the game, though I still didn’t feel good.  Well.  Omir decided that was unexceptable.  After the 9th, I was feeling a little better, yay!

My friend was at a concert so I was texted him updates and my final text told him not only that the Mets won, but he should just watch the entire 9th inning.  Wow.  Is this the same Ramon Martinez that had 4 errors in 3 games?  How many great defensive plays did the Mets have in the bottom of the 9th?  It was certainly an exciting game.  Even with all these injuries and an awful time in LA, the Mets were still able to get a come-from-behind in Fenway.  Very impressive, and a great ego boost for this team.  I know that things always seem better than they are when things are going well, but still, it really helps the team’s overall outlook when we’re winning games like we did tonight.  Also, very excited to see Pelf didn’t get the loss.  He pitched very well after the 1st and kept the “yips” in check.  He didn’t deserve a loss much more than he deserved a win, so although it would be nice to see him go to 5-1, I’m more excited he’s not 4-2.  Papelbon’s reaction in the bottom of the 9th after the first out was also priceless.

I’ll miss the game tomorros to visit family for the holiday weekend, but no worries, got someone to text me updates!  Here’s hoping that all of the texts are good!

Need a Band-Aid?

What on earth did the Mets do to deserve this?  Seriously, it seems as though half of the team is hurt in some way or another.  Delgado, Cora and Schneider are all on the DL (no, we’re not counting Ollie, his only injury is a hurt ego).  Reyes is nursing tendinitis, Sheffield just got over food poisoning (so he missed most of Los Angeles)and Putz with a stiff neck, and then right before the start of tonight’s game, we find out Beltran’s knee is bothering him.  Oh wait, that’s not all.  No, Church had to leave during the game with a sore hamstring.  Our lineup looks like something out of Spring Training now.  I know Omar and company only have so many options with players (Buffalo’s not looking so hot right now) but I do have one request: please get rid of Ramon Martinez and bring Argenis Reyes up.  I know Argenis isn’t a shortstop either, but he is good defensively at second, which will hopefully translate to at least decent defense at shortstop, but seriously, anything would be an improvement on Martinez.  Also, Argenis is younger, so even if his bat isn’t better than Martinez’s (and that is REALLY bad), at least you’re giving him some experience at the Major League level, which could benefit us in the future.

So even with all the injuries, we still managed to win tonight!  (FINALLY)  It was really good to see the bats wake up a little.  Also, two starts in a row, Johan’s had some decent run support.  Hope this doesn’t make him think that he can slack off now (just so everyone knows, I do not think this will actually happen).  We really need offense going when the defense is severely compromised.
In reference to interleague games, how rare is it that the Mets and Yankees are actually rooting for each other?  I know, I know, not THAT rare, but for diehard Mets fans to root for the Yanks and vice versa?  I think it’s kind of cool.  Of course, the Yankees were unable to hold up their end of the deal.  And while on the topic of the Yankees, is their stadium officially a joke yet?  78 home runs in 20 games???  Are you kidding me?  Seriously, I’m convinced you could bunt a hit down the right field line.  Can’t wait to get in there in June and do some damage.
Ok, seven games on the West Coast and very active three year olds at work have completely wiped me out, I’m heading to bed early tonight!

Putting Things in Perspective

I had originally had a blog in my head that would detail the Mets short-fallings, and ways for us to improve.  I actually had a three-step program in my head.  I was going to complain about the ESPN broadcasters and talk a little about the unfortunate situation with all these injuries.

But none of that really seems important now.  I, like many other Mets fans, heard the news of Scott Shoeneweis’s family last night.  I’ll be the first to tell you I was never a big fan of his.  I was calling for his trade this off season and glad to see him go.  Still, that didn’t mean I wished bad on him, I just wanted him off the team.  When I heard the tragic news of his wife, I immediately saw that winning and losing were not the most important things in the world.  So what if the Mets have lost four in a row?  We often forget that these players have lives, have families, and they sacrifice so much for us, the fans.  The whole point of baseball is to entertain the fans, so these men are giving up time with their families for us.  I just have to remember to appreciate the sacrifice they make for me when I want to get mad at one of them for making an error or giving up a home run.
My heart goes out to the Schoeneweis family, you’ll be in my prayers.